About us

Lee’s Hoagie

 For more than 25 years, Lee’s Hoagie House has been serving Pasadena by filling lonely loaves of bread with scrumptious meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Being a family business, Lee’s has become a staple in the Pasadena community, even building lifetime relations with almost half their customers.

     These hungry customers specifically come with an empty stomach to enjoy the Famous Chicken Hoagie.  Coming on a soft sourdough roll, the succulent chicken is accommodated with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, grilled onions, and our tasty secret sauce.

   Lee’s also offers fresh made-to-order breakfast such as omelettes, breakfast burritos, buttermilk pancakes, and a juicy steak & eggs dish.

Signature sandwiches.

Lee’s Hoagie House also helps taste buds awaken with specialty breakfast options. Indulge in a Greek egg-white omelette with tomatoes, olives, bell peppers, and feta cheese, or enjoy the union of ham, hash browns, cheese, and eggs in a Colorado burrito, which leaves each diner with an extra hand to rummage through a date’s jacket pockets in search of spare change.